Here is Love: Gods Love for Gay People

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In this new creation all distinctions vanish.

There is no room for and there can be neither Greek nor Jew,

Circumcised nor Uncircumcised,

Barbarians or Scythians

Nor slave or freeman; but Christ is all and in all everything and everywhere, to alll men without distinction of person.

-Colossians 3:11

“The cross of Christ has resolved the sin issue now and forevermore, If homosexuality is a sin then it has been dealt with,and now by virtue of Christ’s sacrifice we too as LGBT people are now partakers of Gods Holy Spirit who will guide us into all truth”

By virtue of this Holy Spirit, given as a free gift by faith in Christ, LGBT people are. righteous, accepted,sanctified, and holy beloved children of God

We firmly believe that the truth is, God wants us to affirm our sexuality in the light of the complete reconciliation he accomplished on our behalf.

If we in our hearts truly trust the Holy Spirit in this affirmation no one,but God himself, has any right to fault us.

He will not by virtue of His cross.

Should we fall astray,nothing can be held against us-for sin has been dealt with.

We are free to be loved and accepted completely by our God.


I think we can all be steadfast in the above,

Some may take qualms with the fact that I left the is being gay a sin issue open, that’s because God has solved the issue of sin and it is no longer how he relates to us.

How He relates to us now is,did we accept the complete forgiveness Christ has accomplished on our behalf?

If we did then we have been restored to him, and we now have eternal life through his Holy Spirit,which can never be revoked because of our sins.

For God to withdraw our eternal life because of our sins, would mean that Christ did not really completely die for the sins of the world.

It would mean that his blood were not a sufficient sacrifice to pay for the penalty of our sins,and that God must still punish us by the removal of his Holy Spirit.

Therefore to say that sin is still an issue is to deny the cross of Christ.

The discussion of sin is a deception and it has held Gods people,LGBT or otherwise, in bondage long enough.

God will give his Holy Spirit to all who ask of him, in faith, gay or otherwise.

By the gift of that spirit we are now we to live at peace and rest trusting that he holds nothing against us,having faith in his great love.

As we let this love shine freely into the darkest places of our hearts-we shine out in the darkness of the world, and we become like him.

All condemnation and disgrace removed we realize that every breath flows from his mercy and grace and love for us.

Realizing at last that we live by his life our thoughts reflect nothing but praise for him and we share this life with others.

That a dead world may live and that Christ’s work may continue.

How very small to deny all this because a man marries a man or a woman marries a woman or a man becomes a woman or a woman becomes a man. Or anything in between.

David Fladger 11/8/2019