God so Loves

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Personal Revelations of Gods love from a “Gay” Christian

In this new creation all distinctions vanish.

There is no room for and there can be neither Greek nor Jew,

Circumcised nor Uncircumcised,

Barbarians or Scythians

Nor slave or freeman; but Christ is all and in all everything and everywhere, to alll men without distinction of person.

-Colossians 3:11

 It is my hope that through this blog, the depth of my spiritual walk, revealed in the writings, poems and reflections here, will demonstrate that God loves and accepts all people.

Presumed rejection, for a sexual orientation, which I did not choose and cannot change, once stirred me to great bitterness against my fellow Christians. I used to cleave to self-righteous justification, hoping to vindicate myself by a historical pretense, a more correct interpretation of verses so often employed to accuse gay people of sinfulness. But, I have come to find this is not my calling. I have a new title now, ” a child of God,” gay or straight I would encourage you to take no other name for yourself. We are all sinners, so stand with Christ alone, for in him all justification is found. Therefore very little, if anything, in this blog will address the issue of how to reconcile ones sexual orientation with ones Christian identity, for there is no need to effect such a reconciliation outside of Christ.

The content on this blog is both personal to me, and directed at a wider audience. There are scriptural reflections, poetry inspired by Gods person or by his word and some self-indulgent bits of journaling. My true hope is that this blog will show you dear reader, God loves you and accepts you for who you are.